Sunday, March 9, 2008


I think I'm going to have fun with this, unlike most of my other blogs. You can count on "A Macabre Sense of Humor" and "Grave News" being regular features. Later today, or tomorrow ( I never know, these days ) I'll post on the most interesting family plot I've ever seen in a cemetery.
I've enjoyed walking through cemeteries for about forty years, now. Always said the dead were usually better company than the living. Back in my days as president of a historical society, I even led tours of the local cemetery. ( Had twenty loons show up for one of them even though there was a sudden, unexpected snowstorm. ) The interest lies in the fact that you never know what you might find. My love of medieval and ancient history, European genealogy, and the art of the Gothic and Baroque adds another field for exploration. I already have enough ideas to keep this blog running for quite a while.
I'll be adding a list of interesting links to the sidebar, sometime this week, and after checking my usual sources, last night, I'm not going to have any trouble finding a constant stream of interesting pictures. Enjoy.


askios007 said...

Interesting topic for a blog! And I totally agree with you .. I live next to a bunch of cemeteries (Catholic, Protestant, Hindu and Muslim!) and the dead make great neighbours. (They also make great trees). I used to enjoy taking a walk through the Christian ones and reading the old British tombstones and wondering about the stories behind them. If I had a camera I would send you some pix but I don't so I won't.

I'm in India by the way.

Adrienne said...

The Orthodox cemetary is in view of my back deck. It is very beautiful. There was a funeral this afternoon.

Some of the folks that lived behind the Orthodox property went batshit crazy when they were going to put in a cemetary a few years ago. I collected signatures from all the Catholics on our road (quite a few) so the Orthodox could have their cemetary.

I'll take some pics for you when things start leafing out. They have a wonderful gazebo in the center and flower and rose gardens.

Alex Fries said...

Ahh yes, send you photos of cemetery's from town as well.