Monday, October 5, 2009

Hohenzollern Crypt, Berlin

These are from Wikimedia Commons and, unfortunately, most aren't identified.

Johann Cicero, Elector of Brandenburg


skyeyeliner said...

are you sure it was not written hohen ("the highest, the top") zollHerrn ("customs officer")?

like this one:

skyeyeliner said...

Posible Typo: Hohenzoll-h-errn Pardon. This "Roland Koch" was the one of airport customs "Der Herr vom Zoll für alles was von und nach oben (Hoch) geht" (the other ne is minster president of the state Hessen:

Jeffrey Smith said...

Yes, since they were the royal family of Prussia and imperial family of Germany for some time, as well as having a branch as kings of Romania, I'm quite sure. Never heard of Mr. Koch.