Friday, July 1, 2011

Westwood Memorial Park, Los Angeles, California

Photos by Squid Wizard.


Anonymous said...

That's lovely! I've never been there during the daytime. Has Marilyn's niche been colored with something?

Amy said...

well jeff! i can't find a "contact you" sort of link anywhere, which is a SHAME! i came on here b/c i found your link through another cemetery lover's blog....and then i see GERARD WAY and liked to have fainted dead !! we have A LOT in common in these two respects!! So, here is how to find ME, in case you are on any social networking:; twitter: kaelle74; google+ (just getting started)...look for the Amy Walker with purple hair! :D or email: put morbid fascination in the subject line so i know to read it asap!! :D

Jeffrey Smith said... I've been wondering about that. Can't be in the stone and I can't imagine the cemetery doing it. Maybe some fan pulled a stunt without realizing how porous marble can be.
Amy: I've loved that boy's work for several years. Helps to stir up my stuffier friends. Check Facebook.